TransTEC is a world-well known company specializing in the research, production and sales of professional racing drone and Industry application drone. Joinly founded by Steve Lee who was a senior executive in Foxcnn and other enthusiastic players in model airplane field. it has a registered capital of 11 million RMB. With a vision of developing into the world's first brand of the racing drone field and professional uav ODM manufacturers. With many years of experience in products research and development, TransTEC has launched dozens of professional racing drones , entry-level racing drones, Industry application drones,  flight control calculator, flight navigation light system, Hollow cup and brushless gear unit, image and data transmission system ,  Drone electronic governor, Remote control tuner and other  renowned industry products


By virtue of its excellent UAV design and aircraft design strength, TransTEC has designed a large number of well-known racing drones with its own brand, Meanwhile TransTEC has also provided ODM products of Racing drones and Industry application drones for Multinational companies and manufacturers. with the excellent and brilliant industrial design, all the products from TransTEC are highly praised and recognized by professional drone pilots and fans , and made an excellent performance in all kinds of competitions around the world .Up to now, TransTEC racing drone has been the designated drones for dozens of professional pilots around the world including mainland china Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Australia Canada and so on. Meanwhile TransTEC also provides Completely self-designed racing drones for world championship to China national team at the world championships, DCL China(DCL:International top competition),china dragon team, national team: Team Canada, TaiWai World champion professional team.

Qualification & Honor
  • High and new technology enterprise certificate
  • Computer software copyright registration certificate
  • Motor voltage parameter intelligent configuration system V1.0
  • Online monitoring system V1.0 for running state of motor production equipment
  • Motor current information intelligent monitoring system V1.0
  • Motor operation and maintenance integrated intelligent management system V1.0
  • Motor chip automatic control system V1.0
  • Motor assembly intelligent control system V1.0
  • Motor production process optimization control system V1.0
  • Intelligent configuration system of electrical parameters of motor production equipment V1.0
  • Intelligent fault detection system V1.0 for motor production equipment
  • Motor assembly line control system V1.0
  • Intelligent control system for motor production line
  • Intelligent supervision system of motor production process V1.0