Lightning Lite X/H


Product overview

 FYI: the camera in the pictures is not inclueded in the packing, this link is for frame only.

the type of photo is true X for your reference.


—Full 3K TransTEC premium quality and structurally rigid carbon fiber

—All Carbon Fiber with chamfered and round edge smooth cutting craft

—2mm REAL X / H  bottom and base plate firmly fixed and secured with √ shape arms

—5mm quick removable Arms

—2.5mm durable top plate with countersunk screw

—M3*30mm 7075Alu TTR standoffs

—innovative design of 7075Alu parts firmly fixed and secured with √ arms

—Not 1 But 2 pairs of Highly precise 3D printed Cam mount

—two different TPU 3D print antenna mount in bright yellow

—304 stainless steel custom insert nut for more stable fixation

—YFS 12.9 first class black nickel plating screws to extend entire service life

—Larger internal space for up to a 3 board FC stack

—30x30mm and 20x20mm enough spacious mount hole for FC 

—Support to easily carry HD camera (such as the GoPro Session / OSMO)



Battery: 4S-6S Lipo 1000mah - 1800mah  

Camera: 19mm Micro size

Camera Installation: Highly recommend the camera with image flip capability for the most compact build.





Item Name:

Lightning 2 Lite 




True X 79g/ Hybrid 82g


Carbon Fiber

Arm thickness:


Bottom plate:





YFS 12.9 Grade


True X (Titanium color 7075Alu)

/ H (Blac 7075Alu )

TPU color



*Packing list

Carbon parts  (all chamfered/rounded)

4 x 5mm arms

1 x 2mm bottom plate

1 x 2mm middle plate

1 x 2.5mm top plate


Metal Parts

4x M3*30mm column (7075Alu)
1x set Screw (YFS 12.9)

M2.5x5 4pcs

M2.5x6 4pcs

M2.5x8 2pcs

M3x10 10pcs

M3x18 4pcs



Battery strap 2pcs

Battery pad 1pcs

2 pairs of Cam Mount TPU

1x SMA Antenna Mount

1x Loilipop Antenna Mount


*Package Information

Package weight: 160g

Packing size: 18.2*12.8*3.2cm


*Note: The specification of second batch will be slightly different.

  • Item: TransTEC lightning Lite 215 225 frame
  • Wheelbase: 215mm/225mm
  • Weight: True X 79g/ H 82g
  • Body: separate body
  • Type: True X (Titanium color 7075Alu) / H (Blac 7075Alu )
  • Arm thickness: 5mm (9mm wide)
  • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • Middle and bottom plate thickness: 2mm
  • Standoff: 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Standoff Color: True X (Black) / H (Titanium color 7075Alu )
  • Screws: 12.9 first class YFS Taiwan screw
  • Free gift: yellow camera and antenna TPU
  • Package dim: 19*14*3mm
  • Gross weight: 160g
  • Please check the support column of FAQ like Shipping Information before placing orders
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